Outstanding Facilitation Programme

Outstanding Facilitation Programme


  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th October 2019


  • 22nd, 23rd and 24th January 2020



£650.00 + VAT per delegate


The Outstanding Facilitation Programme is designed by experienced leaders and facilitators from OLEVI to enhance the leadership of teaching and learning in your schools. They are a school based team who originally introduced the Teaching and Learning Programmes’ to the Greater London Challenge to drive up standards across the capital, with highly acclaimed impact.

The programme is a key element in ensuring effective of School to School support, increasing capacity to drive up standards in all schools.

Amongst many benefits the OFP provides schools with the opportunity to:

  • challenge expectations at the very core of teaching and learning and help build a coaching ethos
  • improve the quality and consistency of your teaching and learning and ensure your staff fully understand what constitutes a good/outstanding lesson through outstanding facilitation
  • engage a team of aspirational practitioners who challenge teaching and learning
  • motivate and focus on the importance of deepening teaching and learning
  • build learning partnerships between key team players, who will strategically support the leadership of teaching and learning
  • ensure your staff develop the key skills to facilitate, lead, focus and coach colleagues effectively
  • develop a positive ethos and expectation where the quality of teaching and learning is continually role modelled at an outstanding level
  • improve the quality of teaching and learning through high level facilitation
  • gain the confidence through accreditation of facilitating the ITP / OTP, both within your school and staff from other schools.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is aimed at schools with the aspiration and capacity to lead the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) and Improving Teacher Programme (ITP), both for their teachers and those in the local area.

Head teachers or aspirant participants who express an interest may wish to make further enquiries about the programme, where the ethos, organisation and costing models can be detailed.  We offer a ‘Conceptualisation’ for groups or we can speak with individuals as requested. Please initially contact Lorraine Ward via email: lward@aom.trafford.sch.uk

Schools must book a minimum of two places, as OTP & ITP programmes are facilitated in pairs. Further places are available upon request.


The Outstanding Facilitation Programme consists of three full-days which will usually be consecutive week days.

Day 1: Introduction and overview

  • what makes for effective facilitation?
  • learn how facilitation is used in ITP & OTP
  • review participants’ experience and skills in facilitation and help them develop their facilitation skills and confidence
  • understand how to run a training activity based on clear learning outcomes

Day 2 and 3:

  • preparing for the facilitation of the ITP & OTP
  • role modelling the learning processes and activities of the programmes
  • covering the key concepts of the programme
  • understanding the role of a facilitation pair
  • walk through the ITP & OTP sessions to understand the structure
  • accreditation of participants through facilitated sessions
  • understand what needs to be in place to host ITP & OTP