OTAP Train the Trainer

OTAP Train the Trainer



  • 9th, 10th and 11th January 2019


£650.00 + VAT per delegate



Exploring Facilitation

Day 1: 9am until 4pm

Day one is spent exploring facilitation in depth and enabling a range of experiences for delegates. The ethos of OLEVI needs to be comprehensively understood and role modelled by facilitators that represent us. Theoretical models and introduced, explored and applied to a range of scenarios. Motive, consequence and considerations are explored at depth at different times to ensure clarity of meaning. Contracting expectations is done implicitly and explicitly over the day and drawn out ensuring impact is maintained during the day.

This helps to set up a bench mark for the following days. Outlining that the quality and understanding of facilitation is fundamental and will be examined on day three is brought up here.

The Programme

Day 2: 9am until 4pm

Delegates are taken through the activities of OTAP. We stop frequently to explore how the activities may be extended or varied and the reasons why this may happen. If delegates have recently experience OTAP as a delegate, they may be encouraged to lead discussion or certain activities to deepen the discussion.

A learning walk or ward round is generally completed on day two (this can be moved to day three if the timetable is less flexible). Ideally, this includes three ten minute visits to a range of learning environments. The teachers/professionals leading the learning do not have to do anything differently; the focus is on the learning and the children, not the teaching. A post session challenge is set for the following day.

The Assessment

Day 3: 9am until 3.30pm

Logistical considerations are taken in to account today- how do you advertise a programme? Who should be invited to go on the programme? Costs, resources and all the other non-negotiable are explored; ensuring all delegates feel confident they could set up and run a successful programme. Planning time is then given to groups of 2/3 so they can prepare a piece of facilitation from the programme. A success criteria is discussed and agreed to ensure the purpose is clear.

Groups facilitate an activity for 10-15 minutes with the other members of the group taking the role of OTAP delegates. Feedback is then collected against the agreed success criteria and action points are encouraged and explored. If the standard of this facilitation is of high quality and the discourse surrounding the learning has been deep and reflective the delegates receive certification to run OTAP in their school or context. We understand your school would like to facilitate the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP). In order to maintain quality and impact we like to share our non-negotiables with you:


The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Facilitation Programme is a three-day programme that has the same ideology as the Outstanding Facilitation Programme. It gives delegates accreditation to facilitate the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP). Once accredited, licensed schools and facilitators can run as many OTAP programmes the school wishes and the commercial value of being an OLEVI licenced centre becomes more apparent. If the proposed OTAP facilitators have already completed the OLEVI Outstanding Facilitation Programme (OFP), it is not essential that they complete the first day of the training.


Headteachers are asked to send a minimum of two, preferably three, outstanding practitioners to build capacity for programme delivery. With full cohorts of up to fifteen delegates on the OTAP, this ensures that the impact is not lost.