SLE Support

SLE Support

If your school requires SLE support we would identify from our extensive list of SLEs a leader with the skills and experience to provide the level of support required, liaising with the SLE and his or her own school’s Head teacher to ensure the capacity and availability to complete the deployment.

The cost of an SLE will be determined by a number of factors including the need, length and focus of any agreed work. Models and types of deployments will vary. Deployments could be for a single or few days to provide immediate support and diagnosis of issues discussed or may be for significant periods with the SLE deployed in a school on perhaps one day per week for a term to provide bespoke support.

Quality Assurance

All SLEs deployed from the Teaching School will be monitored for the quality of the support they provide. They will be expected to be able to evidence that their work has had a positive impact using a range of indicators including examination results, learner progress, reduction in in-school variation and the improved quality of teaching and learning.

The Teaching School will liaise closely with the client school requesting the deployment of an SLE to ensure all agreed outcomes at the start of the deployment have been satisfactorily achieved. Before an SLE is deployed a brokerage contract will need to be completed to outline specifically what the areas of focus are, the agreed timescale of the deployment, funding agreement and impact measures.