Secondary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

Maths Hubs are seeking to invite secondary teachers interested in developing their own and their department’s practice in teaching for mastery to be part of a Work Group organised and facilitated by a Secondary Teaching for Mastery Specialist.


The Work Group will be an opportunity for collaborative professional development activity. It will support all participants in developing a shared understanding of teaching for mastery principles and provide an environment where new classroom and departmental practices can be tried out, shared and developed. Work Group activities might typically include:


  • Exploring aspects of teaching for mastery together – coming to a shared understanding;
  • Engaging in the collaborative planning of lessons;
  • Being involved in shared, mutual observation of lessons (live and/or videoed);
  • Developing curriculum materials;
  • Developing curriculum plans and policies.

Participating in the Work Group will provide the following benefits to participant schools:

  • High quality support for teacher professional development for the participating teachers. Ideally 2 teachers from each department should apply to be part of the Work Group to support shared working back at school (we understand if this cannot be the case, but this would be the most beneficial arrangement);
  • Support for other members of the department through the encouragement of development activities back at school in between Work Group sessions
  • Support for the head of department in addressing leadership and management issues related to teaching for mastery;
  • The opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing teaching for mastery

The Work Groups are intended for teachers within secondary mathematics departments that are already committed to using teaching for mastery approaches and have the desire and capacity to engage in significant development work during 2017/18. Departments that have already begun to engage with teaching for mastery are more likely to be prioritised by the Maths Hub.