Excellence in Maths Teaching Programme

Improving Teacher Programme


Autumn 2018 programme session dates to be held at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

For more information about the programmes and to book a place on advertised courses, please email us: teachingschool@thedeantrust.co.uk.

Price: Free of charge




As part of Northwest Maths Hubs 2’s ‘Improving The Workforce’ strand, The Dean Trust Teaching School offer an exciting and interactive programme, which addresses particular challenges facing maths teachers, supported by general pedagogy development.

Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at experienced mathematics teachers or primary mathematics leads who have the potential and drive to achieve excellence in mathematics practice.

What are the sessions?

The programme consists of 4 half-day sessions delivered over a six-week period and will cover:

1. Magical Maths – What does excellent teaching look like in the maths classroom?
2. Mindset for Maths – Exploring the concepts of growth mindset in the maths classroom.
3. Making Maths Count – Lesson structures, planning, questioning.
4. Making the Grade – Looking at assessment.

What the teachers are saying about the programme:

I enjoyed the course as it encouraged me to think about my teaching and how to improve. The interactions with other maths teachers and sharing good practice was very good!

Variety of content and materials was excellent. The fact I could immediately take some into the classroom and share with faculty made an impact immediately

Plenty of opportunity to discuss techniques, strategies, policies and ideas with both primary and secondary teachers.